Pre-Construction/Design Build

Fullford Electric has been doing Design/Build type projects since its inception, in 1975. We have aggressively fostered partnerships with suppliers and contractors that are in the unique position to support our continued growth as a company in the Design/Build/Construction Management and at Risk(D/B/CM@Risk) market. Because of these relationships, FEI has been very successful within these types of markets and projects. Approximately 80 - 90% of our workload over the last 5 years has been in the D/B/CM@Risk or Design Assist markets. Because so much of our work is of this type, our employees look at Owners and Contractors as partners on a project. This attitude is carried throughout the company from the company president, all the way to an electrical apprentice in the field. This attitude is manifest on a daily basis in the quality of work being performed, and the ability to adjust to changing project conditions with little impact to the project progression.

Over the years of D/B/CM@Risk projects, we have learned that one of the most important qualities, and greatest assets to a project, is that of flexibility. Time and time again, during the process of design development, things will change, and it is our responsibility as part of the design team, to make sure we incorporate these changes, meet the owner's needs, and keep the project within budget. Our goal on a D/B/CM@Risk project is to eliminate non-owner requested electrical change orders.

Fullford Electric Inc. provides all aspects of:
  • Pre-Construction
  • Electrical Services
  • Communications Services

Our office provides all that is needed for budgetary pricing and pre-construction services. In addition to new construction, FEI provides 24 hour service maintenance to all our clients. FEI has electrical and communication technicians available to take care of all our clients' emergency and scheduled needs.


Our electrical division performs electrical service and maintenance work, commercial construction, industrial construction and power plant/distribution system construction. Projects of all sizes are welcomed, from small service/maintenance projects to large industrial power generation projects. Our electrical division has done extensive work within medical facilities. This work includes, but is not limited to the following:

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

  • Construction of a new laundry and emergency generator facility
  • Construction of the new Fairbanks Imaging Center
  • Construction of the new Emergency Department
  • Construction of the new Porter Heart Center

Tanana Valley Clinic

  • Construction of a new OB/GYN Clinic Suite
  • Construction of a new Pediatrics Suite
  • Construction of a new Family Practice Clinic
  • Construction of a new First Care Clinic
  • Replacement of entire building distribution system

Medical Dental Art Building

  • Construction of the new Adient Physical Therapy Suite
  • Construction of the new Fairbanks Sports Medicine Suite
  • Construction of the new Fairbanks Eye Clinic Suite

Fullford Electric has also performed extensive work in the power generation/distribution field. This work includes, but is not limited to the following:

Golden Valley Electric Association:
  • Construction of GVEA's North Pole generation unit #2
  • Installation of 4,160V VFD's at GVEA's Healy power house
Eielson Power Plant
  • Replacement of the 480V station service switchgear
  • Replacement of the boilers and addition of a new emissions system
Clear Radar Facility
  • Construction of a HEMP protected back-up power plant
Fort Wainwright Power Plant
  • 2004 Plant facility upgrades
  • Complete replacement of the generator switchgear lineup
  • Complete replacement of the station service switchgear
University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Construction of a new campus substation building with parallel 12,470V line-ups
  • Complete replacement of the campus wide medium voltage distribution system (ongoing)
  • Construction of the UAF experimental coal power plant
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
  • Complete replacement of the main power distribution system and generators
Fort Greely Power Plant
  • Enterprise conversion project
  • Replacement of the plant generator
British Petroleum
  • Construction of North Slope production modules
  • Construction of North Slope pipe rack modules

Fullford Electric possesses all licenses required to work in the Electrical and Communications field in the State of Alaska. FEI is bondable. We participate in the Alaska Clean Card program, we have a written Safety Plan and our current Workers Compensation EMR is .72.